Karyn´s been involved with music her entire life. At the age of 2 she asked her parents for her first two gifs: a microphone and a recorder. At the age of 11 she wrote her first song and at 14 she saw her dream of living music professionally coming true when she was signed with a record label. She´s recorded 7 albuns, (one in English and one in Spanish) in about 10 years and had many concerts around Brazil.
The pop singer had 3 of her songs played in night clubs and electronic radio stations around the country. Two of these songs crossed borders and were played and remixed by many dj´s all around the world: ´Boyfriend´ and ´That´s the way I am´. Both produced by the reputed brazilian DJ Cuca, who was Karyn´s partner in many songs among the years. ´My image in the mirror´ written by the girl when she was only 17, was played at a famous soap opera in Portugal. 
After many years away from the music industry, Karyn never stopped writing new songs (in Portuguese and in English). She is now in studio recording her new single to be released soon called ´Blue Bird´. About the new song, Karyn says: ´It´s about sel-belief and encouragement. It´s a mix of pop with electronic music that I love!´. 
About her carrier, she explains her desire: ´I like to write about love, God and human conflicts! I´m a singer and songwriter that lives music all the time and my aim is to be light in people´s lives somehow. Bring them joy, memories and good emotions with my music.´